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Beating the bookies is not going to be easy – but with the right betting strategy, it is possible. Learn more about how to beat the bookies in our online betting guide.

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Professional Bettors vs. Gamblers

For the select few who can call themselves professional bettors, betting has evolved past gambling to become a primary source of income. Most professional bettors do not consider betting to be gambling, but rather an investment.

It may come as no surprise then, that many professional bettors started out in the financial and banking industries. Using custom built computer programs, they place bets carefully based on statistical analysis.

Whilst most are passionate about their chosen sport, they try to minimise the effect of emotion or personal feelings on the decision-making process. This contrasts with the gambler, who might bet on their favourite team winning the league, or try to recoup losing bets with riskier, larger bets.

Professional Bankroll Management

Another distinguishing factor is that professional bettors set realistic long term goals, which are achieved through strict bankroll management.

For example: a professional might start with a bankroll of £100,000, bet 1% of this every game, and expect to end the year up 25% on £125,000.

A gambler might start with £1000, bet £200 on a 4/1 chance and double their money, then bet £2000 on a ‘sure bet’ and loose everything. For many gamblers, this cycle of winning and losing is repeated. Whilst some might be lucky and win over time, the majority loose.

It is the consistent and measurable approach of professional bettors, that is the most likely to return a profit.

How Do Professional Bettors Choose a Bet?

Professional bettors look for small advantages which can be found by comparing the probability of an outcome to the odds of a market. This method of selecting bets is commonly referred to as handicapping.

Using a mathematical approach, the probability of an outcome is calculated and theoretical odds can thus be determined. These odds can then be compared to the odds offered by the bookmakers.

Where there is a difference between the odds offered and the handicapped odds we find an advantage. Here is a very simplified example:

The bettor calculates that Team A should be 2/1 to beat Team B, but the bookies are offering odds of 4/1. Clearly the bookies are offering better odds than Team A are worth. Provided the handicapping is accurate, this is a good opportunity for a bet.

The reality is that bookmakers are usually very good at choosing odds. Professional bettors are often looking at very small advantages. To minimise the risk and maximise profit, the best odds available must be chosen. So, where do professional bettors place their money?

Professional Bookmakers in Asia vs. European Bookmakers

Professional bettors rarely bet with common high-street or European bookmakers online. There has been a clear shift towards the use of Asian bookmakers, who offer several distinct advantages; most importantly better odds. Asian bookmakers work on much lower margins than European bookmakers, meaning odds tend to be better.

Often criticised by the betting community, European bookmakers tend to ban winning players very quickly. If a bookmaker predicts a player will win money in the long run, they will often be banned, sometimes within one or two bets being placed.

Asian bookmakers on the other hand allow winning players to continue betting. Additionally, Asian bookmakers allow bettors to place much higher bets on a single game, whereas European bookmakers often limit bets to ~£10,000.

Further benefits of Asian bookmakers are increased anonymity and faster pay-out times.

Professional Strategy: The Asian Handicap

Favoured by many professional bettors, the Asian Handicap, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, marks Asian bookmakers as more professionally focused. Essentially, the Asian Handicap eliminates the draw. It also levels the playing field, by giving the weaker team goals before the game starts.

This may seem complicated to the average gambler, but professional bettors have an advantage using this system, because they use mathematical models to predict the score. For anyone willing to put a lot of time and effort into handicapping games, Asian handicap bets probably offer the best risk-reward ratio.

Without any doubt, researching or doing your homework before betting can make you a successful bettor and improve your profits. Often, gamblers stake their money on a few random bankers then sit back and wait for the results. However, straight-forward and convenient that may sound, it does not help you make significant profits as a bettor.

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world today. Ever since the emergence of sports betting, the industry has steadily grown as more and more people gain interested in making quick profits. The emergence of many different bookmakers has also contributed a great deal to sports betting popularity.

Today, sports betting is legal in most parts of the world since many states do not have laws that make it explicitly illegal. The convenience of computers and the internet is another factor that has significantly impacted the popularity of sports betting around the world. Most bettors describe sports betting as fun and exciting as you can do it during your free time in the comfort of your home.

If you want to increase your chances of success in the betting world, you should develop strategies to beat the bookies. Though it may seem like winning a bet is pure luck, it is possible to beat a bookie with a little effort and effective planning. In the betting world, a bookmaker has a lot of power as they set the odds and determine how much profit you can make.

Beating a Bookie

If you are new to sports betting, “what does beating a bookie mean?” is probably the first question you ask yourself. In simple terms, beating a bookie is winning a bet. If you place a wager on a sports event and make profits, it means that you’ve beaten a bookie on their own game. However, beating a bookie is not as easy as it may seem for many bettors.

Reasons Why it can be Difficult to Beat Bookies

For most people, betting is as simple as placing a wager on your favourite sports event. However, beating bookies requires much more than random hopeful guesses. It takes a lot of time and effort to improve your waging skills as a bettor. That is the primary reason why it can be tough to beat bookies. Apart from that, bookmakers set odds in their favour, meaning the only certain thing in betting is that a bookie always wins.

Another reason why it can be difficult to beat bookies is desperation. Often, people are drawn to betting as it offers them an opportunity to quickly build their wealth and take care of their financial issues. As you keep betting and continue loosing, you get increasingly desperate. With desperation and the desire to get their money back, many individuals would want to keep betting, risking a lot more than they have already lost.

As a bettor, it is natural to fall prey to ‘confirmation basis’ when placing a wager. You might find yourself pinned to the idea that you can win big in betting, as other lucky winners have done in the past. That is a huge advantage for bookies since a bettor, in this state, disregards information that does not agree with their perceptions. Many of these bettors do not care to look at the plenty of examples of other people that have lost it all in betting.

The other reason why it can be difficult to win a bet is that many factors determine the outcome and certainty of the odds. In the long run, these factors favour the bookies more than the bettors. For instance, human beings are generally unpredictable in everything they try to do. That’s why placing a wager and winning can be a tough job for many bettors.

Other than the above reasons, many individuals find it incredibly difficult to beat bookies due to the effects that psychology can have on decision making. For starters, you need to understand that psychology is a vital factor as far as betting is concerned. Alongside prejudices, psychology can significantly influence things such as your betting choices and how much you stake. If you want to be successful in betting, you must always be mindful of the psychological effect.

Top Strategies to Beat Bookies

Undoubtedly, beating bookies can be a tough job because they hold the upper hand in the world of betting. Also, your chances of correctly predicting the outcome of a sports event can be extremely low. However, you can certainly come out on top and make consistent profits from betting if you have the right strategies and tactics. Still, you should know that there is nothing such as risk-free betting.

Different bettors have beaten the odds in the past using simple formulas, meaning it is possible to beat the bookies. Some of these formulas and methods include using mathematics to predict the possible outcomes of a sporting event. If you check the internet, you would realise that there are plenty of bookie-beating models developed by various mathematicians. However, as mentioned earlier, it is quite tricky to predict a human being. That’s why these models are not consistent in their performance.

Let’s have a glance at some of the strategies and tricks that can help you beat the bookies in their own game.

1. Consult and Follow Professional Betting Tips

Consulting the help of a professional tipster is probably one of the best strategies to beat a bookie. Today, betting tips are popular globally, with thousands of bettors relying on these tipsters regularly. However, you need to follow the right tipster if you want to increase your chances of making significant profits using these betting tips.

Like any other industry, some tipsters can be excellent while others are awful in their match prediction game. Worse still, the market is filled with scammers with the sole purpose of stripping off the little amount of money you already have. That is why you should be careful when utilising expert prediction tips to place a wager.

Finding a good tipster is not challenging as you only require the most basic information, such as reputation and reviews, to decide. There are two primary types of betting tips in the market; free and priced tips. It is advisable to go for priced betting tips as free tipsters may not be legit and are less likely to get a knock from auditors.

Some of the benefits of using betting tips are increased earnings, access to valuable information and keeping your opinions in check. A successful tipster spends most of his or her time gathering information and knowledge on a particular sport. These experts can increase your earnings as they are knowledgeable and can make more accurate predictions than ordinary bettors.

2. Research Properly before Betting

As mentioned earlier, if you want to be a successful bettor who makes profits consistently, you need to research and stay informed about the sport you are betting on. Successful bettors also know that trusting a bookie and their mouthwatering odds is one of the worst mistakes you can make when betting. A bookie is in the market for profit, meaning their odds may not necessarily reflect what could happen in reality.

There are plenty of existing and last minute factors that can significantly affect a sporting event’s outcome. For instance, injuries and team selections have a huge impact on the outcome of a particular game you want to bet on. Researching and analysing can help you stay up to date with factors that matter most in betting, making you a better bettor.

With the internet at your disposal, there are plenty of sources where you can find valuable information about various sport events. These sites give you hourly or minutely update on important information such as injury news and predicted lineups. Such information can help you make good betting decisions. Relying on your existing sports knowledge is not sufficient to beat a bookie since last-minute factors can change the course of a sporting event.

3. Find Value in Betting Odds

One of the best ways to beat bookies and rake in high profits from sports betting is finding value in the odds. There are very low chances of long-term success in betting if you do not bet on value odds. Lucky for us, human beings have a tendency of maximising profits whenever a chance presents itself. However, it can be challenging to find value in the odds since the bookies are excellent in their job. So, how do you find value in odds?

The best way to find value in odds is by doing the calculations mathematically, by converting the odds to percentages {(1/odds) 100}. For instance, there is an upcoming match between Crystal Palace and West Brom Albion. A quick check on your preferred football betting sites would reveal the following odds on offer; Crystal Palace 2.19, West Brom 3.60 and 3.16 for a draw.

If you research and analyse the factors that could affect the game, you can give Crystal Palace a 40%, West Brom a 35% chance of winning the match and draw 25%. According to the formula above, the probability of Crystal Palace winning the match is about 46%, while West Brom is around 27%. The probability of a stalemate between the two teams is 31%.

In this scenario, the value odds are Crystal Palace winning and the match ending in a stalemate. Finding value in bets is as simple as placing a wager when the odds favour a bettor. If there is no value in odds, it is advisable to avoid betting on the game.

4. Bet with Your Head and not Your Heart

The greatest mistake that many bettors make when placing a wager is bringing betting and emotions together. When betting, it is important to base our decisions on research and not emotions. It can be difficult to beat a bookie if you decide to back a team you support rather than analyse the factors that can potentially impact the sports event’s outcome.

It goes without saying that loyalty and favouritism in betting can cloud your judgment. Many bettors start betting because they are ardent supporters of one or several teams that play the sport. If that is the case with you, it may mean you have allegiance to a particular team that you feel should or will win the game. Many bookies prey on such bettors as they often make expensive mistakes.

Once or twice, betting on your favourite team may pay off and you may make significant profits. However, our advice is to stay away from betting on sports events that involve your favourite clubs or teams in the sport. Always ensure you base your betting decisions on research and analysis of facts surrounding the game.

5. Place Your Bets Online

If you want to beat a bookie and improve your chances of making profits as a bettor, you may want to consider betting online rather than in-store. Over the years, online betting has evolved and gets better and better with time. That’s the reason why it continues to increase in popularity across the globe. Here are some of the primary reasons you should bet online if you want to beat bookies in their own game.

One of the reasons why you should bet online is better value odds. Compared to in-store betting, the odds you would get when you bet online are slightly better. As a good bettor, you have to know the benefits of betting on better odds. You do not require rocket science to know that the better the odds, the higher the bets’ potential winnings. Therefore, you should place wagers online if you want to get one over the bookies.

You should bet online to take advantage of various promotions and bonuses that bookies offer. Whenever your favourite bookmaker offers you a promotion or bonus, you have a greater chance of making significant profits. These bonuses are a rare chance of beating bookies at no cost. If you have different betting accounts with various bookies, you get access to more profits as promotions and bonuses would come across more often.

Last but not least, betting online is relatively straight forward and convenient. Betting online saves you the trouble of commuting to a betting store. As long as you have your device and internet connection, you can access a wide range of bookies options. Online betting is also convenient as you can place a wager a few minutes before a game starts. Sometimes, some factors such as last-minute injuries can affect the outcome of a game. With online betting, it is easier to cash in on these opportunities at the comfort of your couch.

6. Avoid Following the Crowd

Another strategy you can use to beat the bookies is to avoid following the crowd. Manny bettors find themselves trusting the direction that other bettors are heading to without questioning its possible results. While that can work sometimes, it is not a bulletproof strategy to beat the bookies. It is not easy to make profits if you place your bets depending on what other punters are betting on.

As much as doing your research does not guarantee that you can beat the bookies, it is one sure way to ensure you are making informed betting decisions. If you are short of researching and analysing time, the best alternative is to follow successful tipsters’ advice. These betting tips can save you time while also helping you make better betting decisions.

7. Selective Betting

If you want to beat the bookies in their own game, you may want to consider betting discriminately. One of the most expensive mistakes that many punters make when placing wagers is betting on too many sports events. Most bettors place a wager on too many games because that equals a more significant amount of money in possible winnings.

While you can sometimes get away with betting on too many games, it is not a good strategy for someone who wants to beat the bookies and make consistent profits through betting. If you want to be a successful bettor, you must start by knowing which games you want to place a wager on. Many successful bettors only place their money whenever there is a perfect bet that they are confident of their predictions.

Selective betting does not guarantee you a large figure on your possible winning section. However, it is a great way to earn consistently as a sports betting fan. Our advice is to place a wager on an average of one or two sports events of every ten games. That allows you to make better betting decisions as you will get ample time to research and analyse the game’s possible outcome.

As a punter, it is advisable to always shop around before choosing a bookmaker. In the market today, whether in online or in-store betting, there are plenty of bookmaker options you can choose from. The odds vary from one bookie to the other, meaning you have a chance of making more profits using one betting site more than the other one. You can also use multiple accounts to take advantage of free sign in bets, bet bonuses and more choice in odds.


As much as it may seem easy, beating the bookies is not easy as they decide how much profits a bettor makes from their odds. Also, it can be challenging to correctly predict the outcome of a match because many factors can directly impact a sports event’s results. However, strategising and placing wagers smartly can make you a successful bettor.

As a bettor, it is always important to invest time and effort to research a sports event before placing a bet on it. You should not always rely on your general knowledge of the sport to help you make better betting decisions. If you do not have time to research and analyse, you can always rely on professional tipsters’ help. It is advisable to go for paid tipsters as they are more likely to offer properly researched betting tips than their free counterparts. The above few strategies can increase your chances of beating bookies and winning bets.